Plan Your SEO Strategy for Next Year

Plan your 2015 SEO Strategy – Predicting for future is very essential part for business cycle and personal life. Now we are suggesting you few points that you should keep in your mind while preparing for SEO plan–

SEO strategy
Talk to your stakeholders

First you find out those people who are important in this game; they are your first outlet. You must ask to your clients that why they were not happy in 2014? What they want in 2015?

Because your client is your god, so now at this situation your client is your boss…some of the key questions to ask –

  • Do we have any new products or product lines being introduced?
  • What trends are happening in the industry?
  • What are the biggest sellers for each fiscal quarter?
  • What do you see your competitors doing?
  • Is there anything we’re not optimizing for that you’d like to?
Pull your 2014 Data

Compare your 2014 year SEO strategy with upcoming strategy and improve your weak points for further years.


Timing is the important concern in SEO and it’s very difficult to satisfy your client. For SEO we need time to understand about every things of website. But, also after that we can’t give any fix time to client, we can just give an estimated time of 3-4 months.


In SEO we can’t predict the how much traffic we could gain with an investment. It has no real time formula to calculate the exact ROI. We can’t give exact figure of investment. So, in starting you should clear to your client all things very clearly so that they will not surprise at the end of project, if we unfold his requirements.


Now days you can gain 60% online traffic from mobile SEO. So, don’t forget this important thing. This year Google announced “Mobile Friendly Labels” that focus strictly on your website, Google check that how much your website follows the mobile SEO criteria.

Triple – Checking Your Redirects

If you are working on any large website and you’re facing some problems with URL’s like 404 error, broken links etc. So, you should redirect that URL properly and check it for at least three times.

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